skillShack(⚡); Update: Resume PDF Generation

skillShack(⚡); Update: Resume PDF Generation

sushrit_lawliet2 years ago - 0 min read

Presenting our new flagship Resume Generator tool for skillShack(⚡);

With this, you can generate an interview-ready Resume in a few short steps, that includes all your activity on skillShack(⚡️); as well as everything else you've done!

Here are a few screenshots from my Resume that I put together in under 5 mins!




Capture everything from your social media handles to certificates that we prepare for you for showcasing your projects and so much more!

All this while making sure it doesn't reinvent the wheel!

Sections Covered:

  • Basic Details
  • Skills (Languages, technologies, frameworks)
  • Work Experience
  • Projects (Your projects from skillShack(⚡️); will be auto imported. You can add more manually or just upload them to skillShack(⚡️); Learn More)
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Awards
  • References

Head here to get started with your Resume today!


skillShack(⚡); is a community for software professionals looking to share the projects they are working on and get feedback. From side projects to startups!

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