skillShack(⚡); Landing Page Reveal 2022

sushrit_lawliet2 years ago - 0 min read

We are excited to reveal a first look at our new landing page which took around a week to design, between research, reiteration, and implementation!

See it live here.

You can visit the website here.

We offer the following features to allow developers to build in public and grow their portfolio and audience without worrying too much about the actual social aspect of growing and learning.

  • Projects: You can link the projects that you are working on and get feedback on code(if linked via GitHub) or just link to your website/app or a youtube video demoing it!

  • Threads: Our version of blogs, but supercharged to support embedding videos, podcasts, and also to be connected to your Projects to act as Changelogs/Developer Updates.

  • Challenges: For those looking for inspiration on what to build next! We provide a set of real-time applications you can try building to really test out your skills.

  • Certificate generation: For all the feedback you get on your projects, you are rewarded with points and we came up with a neat solution to generate certificates that capture these aspects for you to include in your resume!

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