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Your profile is a place to showcase your skills, projects, and achievements. At first start with a basic Bio and set of Tags. Make it authentic and personal, but not too long.

  • Timeline (Your posted content)
  • Resume (Your resume)
  • Summary (The summary of your activity on skillShack(⚡);)


The resume section allows you to showcase your experience, education, awards and other personal information. We have a full fledged resume generator that allows you to create your resume in minutes.

Use our new resume generator to create your resume. Learn more about the resume generator.


The Skill Profeciency section breaks down your activity on skillShack(⚡); into a graph that is fully interactive. You can click on any of the nodes to see the details of your activity.

The metrics section displays all the Metrics cast on the projects you have worked on.


You can change your settings from the Settings page linked here.

You can also set the tags that appear on your profile by making use of the menu displayed below:


skillShack(⚡); is a community for software professionals looking to share the projects they are working on and get feedback. From side projects to startups!

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