React To Do App

sushrit_lawliet2 years ago
  • javascript
  • node-js
  • react-js
  • frontend
  • beginner-friendly

  • Introduction

    A to-do list is a simple application that stores a list of user added tasks, that can be added and deleted as new tasks come in or are completed. This is a simple idea which is easy to build but will allow one to explore a variety of concepts from schedulers, push notifications, cloud storage etc.


    The below set of requirements are considered to be the bare-minimum for an application to be considered a to-do app.

    • A simple form to add new tasks (todos).
    • A centralised list of all task that have been added.
    • The ability to delete a task upon completion.
    • The ability to edit a task.

    Some ideas 💡

    • User Authentication (Social Auth or Simple Email/Phone number authentication).
    • Ability to reorder tasks in the main list.
    • Support for deadlines.
    • Cloud Storage to persist data and sync it across devices.


    • Use localStorage to persist user data across multiple visits.

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