Tags are used across skillShack(⚡); to categorize content. (As seen below)

Tags can be used to filter content, and to help users find content they are looking for. For example, if you are looking for a specific skill, you can use the tag to filter out all the posts that do not have that skill or have that skill.

Each tag has a dedicated page that lists all the content related to it.

Tags can be followed by a user so that content related to it can be recommended to the user from time to time.

Tags are also used in a user's profile to denote the skills the user is familiar with.

Tags are of 3 types:

  • Skills (Ex: Front-End, Back-End, etc.)
  • Technologies/Languages/Frameworks (Ex: JavaScript, Python, etc.)
  • Activity (Ex: Today I learned, Guide)

We are constantly adding new tags and are open to suggestions from you.

You can submit your suggestions here


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