Code/Project Metrics

Users can vote on the core qualities of a project.

These stats will be reflected in your profile to represent your overall ability as a developer.

Your metrics will be displayed on your profile as shown below:

You can use the following criteria to determine if a project deserves a vote for a certain quality:

  • Comments and Documentation in Source Code: The Frequency of comments in the code versus the number of words used to convey the meaning behind a given snippet of code. Documentation could be in the form of a README or a Wiki, the way it organizes all topics and helps you understand what the project is trying to accomplish can tell you a lot about its quality.

  • Following a Style Guide: Tabs vs Spaces is an age old argument, but the overall indentation consistency helps a lot with the readability of the code. This is where the style metric comes in.

  • Following DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Principle: If you find a lot of code being repeated, when it could have been abstracted into a function/class, the code needs some refactor with DRY Principle in mind.

  • Naming Conventions: i in loops is a standard, but using things like x and y everywhere without much thought into what the variables are doing is a bad practice.

  • Folder/Project Structure: Organizing your blocks of codes in a logical sequence is only part of the challenge, the folder structure into which your code is organized plays a huge role in how accessible your code is to you and any other collaborators.

  • Funtionality: When you see actual functional features, that deliver value to the end user.

  • UI/UX: Is the UI Accessible ? Are the themes consistent across all pages/sections (a design language) ? How responsive is it ? Does it rely on a lot of text to inform the user on what to do for simple flows that could've been intuitive with better design decisions ? Ask these questions before voting for it.

You can use the above points as a reference when working on/presenting your project!


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